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I'm tired.

❨Honestly S T A N D B Y took so much time❩
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_Yowane Kyoko


_female UTAUloid


[LOADING file V:/yowane kyoko/appearence]

_dove white
_crimson red

-Japanese (100%)
-Spanish (50%)
-Korean (10%)
Expect this girl to mix her languages. Expect it.


[loading file V/:yowane kyoko/DESCRIPTION_PROPERTIES]

<An old un-updated model, that's Kyoko to her name. She doesn't like to have newly added parts in fears that she will perhaps malfunction due to her systematic errors.>

<A girl that loves to bake as a past time. She does not like to sing in anyway, yet she was created for that as a sole reason of life. Believing that she could not do such a thing, she bakes and cooks for her own content.>

<Given a mediocre voice bank, she is unable to sing or perhaps even say many things without making the occasional clicking sound from the bottom of her throat. Lisping was also added as one of her flaws, which make her very quiet and rarely loud to begin with. Having also a problem with ciders regardless if containing alcohol or not, her systems acts up due to it. Kyoko also has a very low quality breathing systems that pumps coolant throughout her body. Thus, she has a hard time with her air pump and occasionally hyperventilates due to it.>

<Knowing very little about her surroundings, she attempts to learn more through observation and keeps it deep in her programming. A first impression tends to be a lasting impression that won't change unless significant.>

<As for the future, the girl plans to relieve a new language and look, before the next few years. >

<Want to hear her sing? >

[loading file: V:/yowane kyoko/RELATIONS]

[- installed -]

[♥ trusted ♥]

[▬ yet to be scanned ▬]
<Perhaps you can be friends, you are very nice>

[✖ untrusted ✖]

[☢ viruses ☢]

Home? vocaloidrp-da
(( Hey I just cleaned up my profile and reused some old coding. So yeah, if you're not on here; bug me to let me know xD ))

Who else am I?
Ogorine-Mikuo A-Yo-Juvenile Azune-Wakano
icon by Driflittle

Honestly. . . Kyoko didn't know for how long she'd be back to this place. Now all that was left of it were old cobwebs and dust. .

She frowned slightly in a cringing fear. Had everyone disappeared? It seemed to be so. Updates took all her time. . . with her friends and family. ..

"So. . . no one's here now huh . ." Kyoko sighed softly, her teeth biting her lower lip in anxiety. With no one here she would have no friends. . .no fun. . . no memories.

It seemed rather odd that such a place, as vibrant as it was a year ago at this day. .

. . . Just dead as a ghost town.

(( I'm back~

Finally~ ; A ; --!

. . . Someone roleplay with this loli or go to the shota or the insane one or the chili guy. ANYTHING. ))


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Resistance-Restart Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011
{*checks list of people* I haven't tried to kill you yet, have I? xD Just Okuo.}
Yowane-Kyoko Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011

(( Yeah xD ))
Resistance-Restart Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011

Yowane-Kyoko Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011

SNOWwhiteNOISE Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
    {Tilts head and peers at the 'loid curiously.}

    Y-You kind of look familar. Are you, um ... Yowane Haku?

    [[ Welcome back!~ Have a derpy shota. ]]
Yowane-Kyoko Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011

(( Thanks for the shota c: ))

/headshake! Though the mistaken thought is very reasonable.

"Oh no no, you've mixed me up with perhaps what you could call a 'sister' by chance. M-my name's Kyoko."
SNOWwhiteNOISE Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
    [[ It's part of a balanced diet, you know. ]]

    {Puffs out cheeks a bit. Fanmades confuse him.}

    M-My apologies. I've been doing that a lot, lately, actually ... I may need my eyes checked.

    {Nervous laugh.}

    M-My name is Piko. Pleased to meet you ... !
Yowane-Kyoko Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011

(( But so are lolis c: ))

It's fine and all don't worry!

Being an pretty unnoticed UTAU and all...

Well, if you end up wearing glasses like I do on the occasional event. It's not too bad

I'm Kyoko, it's really nice to meet you

/quiet smile
(1 Reply)
Nazotoki Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Nazotoki was staring at a wall again, completely transfixed by it.

(Nice to meet you o3o I'm really new here.)

(Watch this, Nazo's gonna be all stony and cold, then my friend Resistance is going to run through trying to kill you. xD)
Yowane-Kyoko Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011

(( Oh gosh, that sounds fun xD! ))

And oddly enough Kyoko was staring at him for a moment.

"May I ask why you're staring at a wall..?"

The thought of staring at a plain wall seemed to be interesting, much like a taller male she knew. Odd.
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